Lee Mount Primary School

Year 5


Teachers: Ms Stephens

Support Staff: Mrs Sierota

Welcome to Year 5

We hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas holiday. We begin spring term by travelling back in time to the 1800s for Victorian School Day. We will learn about what life was like for Victorian children, including the lessons they had and the unusual punishments! In English we will be learning about the jobs that Victorian children had to do. Would you like to work in the mine? 

Life Cycles will take over in Science as we learn about the lives of different plants and animals. Can you describe what happens to a flowering plant during pollination? 

We also have some very exciting visits coming up including the National Coal Mining Museum in January and our residential visit to Whitby in Spring 2!

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National Coal Mining Museum

Year 5 went to the coal mining museum in January. We went down a real mine—it was a bit scary at times! We also met Sally Fletcher and she told us all about her working life down the mines. She started working at the age of 5! We are very lucky that we don’t live in Victorian times.

Shibden Hall

In December our Y5 children enjoyed a workshop at Shibden Hall. We were learning about the life of rich and poor people in Victorian times, in particular the Lister family, who lived in the Hall at the time. We wore costumes of either mop caps or sailors collars and learnt about the different jobs Lizzy the housemaid had to do each day, or the life of the nanny, Miss Paige and the lessons she used to do with the youngest child in the family, Anne. The children loved the day, and surprising lots said that they would have liked to have been a poor Victorian maid!

Hardcastle Crags

What a fabulous time we all had on our walk to Hardcastle Crags! The weather was kind to us and we all enjoyed ourselves. We especially liked the stepping stones and playing in the dens where we had our dinner. A lot of us had soggy feet from paddling but it was a fantastic day.

Autumn Term

We hope you've all had a wonderful summer holiday. We begin Year 5 by travelling back in time to Ancient Greece. Here we will learn about Greek Gods, life and culture. In English we will be reading a range of myths to help us write our own version! Do you know who killed the Gorgon? 

Forces will take over in Science as we carry out lots of experiments to understand how different forces work. Can you think of how we could save the falling egg? 

But first we have our walk at Hardcastle Crags to look forward to which will help us get to know each other whilst enjoying the stunning scenery around Hebden Bridge.