Lee Mount Primary School

Year 2


Teachers: Ms Eastwood & Ms Collins

Support Staff: Ms Spencer, Ms Wardman & Ms O'Shea


 Summer Newsletter

Welcome to Year 2

This half term in English we will be looking at ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and doing lots of writing and reading activities linked to the book. In the second half term we will complete work based on ‘The Great Fire of London’ and stories set in London.

In Maths we  will continue to look at written calculations, in particular multiplication and division. We will also look at length, time and estimating and position and direction.

In Science we will learn about animals in their habitats.

In Topic we will learn about Mary Seacole and compare her to Florence Nightingale. We will then move onto learning about The Great Fire of London. This will include a trip to Shibden Hall on the 6th June.

This half term the children in Year 2 will also complete their SATS assessments in reading, mathematics and EGPS (English grammar, punctuation and spelling).

We are looking forward to a busy term full of learning.

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Spring term

This half term in English we will be looking at a range of stories and information texts to do with the Polar regions. In Maths we will be looking at division, 3D shapes and starting to look at fractions. We will continue to practice our arithmetic skills weekly including learning our 10x, 2x, and 5x tables off by heart.
In Science the children will be learning about space and after half term about plants. We will learn about the Polar regions in geography and then look at explorers in history.

Knowsley Safari Park

On Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th October, Year 2 went to Knowsley Safari Park. After a long journey we arrived at the park where we flew straight to Africa. First we saw meerkats and learnt about what they like to eat. Next we watched the red river hogs snuffling in the mud. The giraffes came next and we caught them at a bad moment as they were fighting with their heads. After seeing the giraffes we went on the safari drive and saw many animals including elands, camels, lions, rhinos and wildebeest. We had lunch whilst watching the sea-lion show and they were very talented jumping up to touch the ball. After lunch we had a workshop where we got to touch such creatures such as cockroaches and snakes. Finally during our free time we went to see the tigers, they have a huge new enclosure and one was parading up and down the perimeter. It was a fantastic day which the children thoroughly enjoyed. 

ogden Water

Autumn Term

In English this term the children will be reading and completing work on a selection of Julia Donaldson books. We are going to be looking at the rules we should follow to punctuate our work correctly.  We will also be looking at books linked to Africa and writing information booklets on different African animals.
In Maths, the children will be counting in different ways including steps of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 100. Place value will be a main focus in the early days of year 2 helping to develop your child’s understanding of numerical order. 
The children will be completing work on animals and materials in Science. In Topic lessons, children will complete Geography work on Halifax and then move onto looking at Kenya in Africa. 
We are looking forward to visits to Ogden Water this Friday and Knowsley Safari Park at the beginning of October.
We hope Year 2 will be an exciting year, filled with learning opportunities
Mrs Ross and Miss Collins