Lee Mount Primary School


Please note if you would like a nursery school place for September 2021.  The close date for applications is Friday 15th January and any applications received after this date will be treated as late and therefore put at a disadvantage.

You can do this via www.calderdale.gov.uk/admissions and you can contact 01422 392617 for further advice and guidance if required.

Lee Mount Primary School is a Local Authority Community School. As such our admissions are take place in accordance with the Calderdale Primary Admission Policy.

You can find details of this at:

There you will find information about applying for Primary School places for Reception year, for In-Year transfers and for Year 7 secondary school places.

Nursery places (Early Years) are also allocated in accordance with Calderdale’s admissions policy.

This can be found at:

Please contact the school directly to apply for a Nursery place.