Lee Mount Primary School


The Curriculum at Lee Mount Primary School

The curriculum is everything that we teach (see also the School Prospectus).

We are committed to getting the very best out of our children and so prepare them for the next stage of their education. All staff, children and governors understand the clear link between children’s attainment and their ‘life chances’, and all strive to give the children here an excellent foundation on which to build.

The school’s curriculum follows national guidelines and expectations – Maths, English (both taught daily) and Science are taught as core subjects and all children enjoy two hours of quality PE teaching per week. Here at Lee Mount we have looked closely at how our children learn and the stimuli they need to, best engage with their learning. The result is a ‘Creative Curriculum’, based upon a series of out of school educational visits where teaching and learning become fun, but meaningful, relevant experiences. Our tracking of results shows that this works for us very well, with children from a very young age becoming stimulated and inspired by what they are doing at school and so make good progress.

There are lots of subjects to fit in around our Creative Curriculum and we take our responsibility to ensure that the children have a rich and varied educational diet very seriously. The result is that we produce a ‘Curriculum Overview’ for each Year Group. This details what the children will be learning and we normally share this with parents in the Class Newsletters that come home at the start of each term. A full set of Curriculum Overviews can be accessed from the menu on the left hand side. They can be a little difficult to interpret so if any parents have any queries about any aspect of the curriculum that their child will be following, please do not hesitate to contact the Class Teacher. Please note that in KS1 the teaching of English is supplemented by the Letters and Sounds scheme and the Oxford Reading Tree.