Lee Mount Primary School

Year 4


Teachers: Miss Newton & Mr Bardgett

Support Staff: Ms Burton, Ms Noel, Ms Wardman & Ms Walsh

Welcome to Year 4

What an exciting term we have in store. We will be looking at a wide range of books in English, including Beowulf and Wallace and Gromit, before entering the magical world of Harry Potter.

Make sure you have your quick quills at the ready. In Mathematics we are finishing off our decimals topic before moving on to money, time, statistics, shape and then position.

We are continuing to look at the history of the Vikings during our topic lessons, and Miss Newton and Miss Kelly can’t wait to make some Viking bread!

In Science we will be developing our knowledge of electricity and we are sure to find some electrifying facts!

We are fortunate enough to have a coach helping us with our cricket skills in PE and we are looking forward to the Hip Hop Athletics challenge, and finally Sports Day! Please remember, PE lessons are on a Tuesday, and all children must have full PE kit in school.
We also go swimming each Thursday morning.

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Spring Term

This term we are working on a variety of exciting books in our English lessons, from which the children will write story endings, diary entries, reports, letters and play scripts. 
In Maths we will finish off our multiplication and division unit and move towards fractions and decimals. Children will need to be snappy with their times tables for all of this so we’ll be practising these daily. 
During Topic, we will learn about the Anglo-Saxon settlements in Britain and the invasion of the Vikings. Children will find out all about their way of life and the battles that were fought. 
Science is all about Sound and we will do various experiments to investigate volume and pitch and children will have chance to build their own musical instrument! This is linked to our computing lessons and our art work too, which is very exciting!

Autumn term

We are so excited to have you and we look forward to our new adventures in learning with you this year.

Our first trip is to Adel Dam Nature Reserve and there will be more where that came from - watch this space!

We will be launching our Roald Dahl topic, do some mega mathematics and in Science learn about animals, (including humans - yes you are an animal!)  We will be exploring Europe in Geography, (we wish we could go on a trip there but unfortunately not, sorry!)  We will develop our physical and creative skills, but perhaps the most important thing we learn this year is how to be independent learners and how to be a good class mate and citizen.  

Any queries, just pop in for a chat.