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Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board

A Local Safeguarding Children Board’s primary focus must be the safety, protection and promotion of the welfare of all children and young people. The Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) consists of the Safeguarding Board, Business Group and various Sub Groups.

Safeguarding is extremely important to us. We take rigorous steps to ensure that our children stay safe and do not come to any harm. We work closely with parents / carers and a range of professional external agencies in order to secure this.
We have a duty to ensure children are safe. In school we do this by making sure that everyone who comes into the building is suitable to work with children. We also work hard to minimise risk in the grounds and building. If we have concerns about the safety of any children we have a policy in school, which can be viewed from the menu on the left. All concerns are recorded and handed to a Designated Senior Lead.
Designated Senior Safeguarding Leads
Our Designated Senior Leads are Mrs J Walton (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs T Sheddon-Walsh (Pastoral and SEND) 
As a team we decide how to deal with concerns about children's safety. This would usually involve speaking to parents or people from other agencies, such as health or social care.
If we feel a child is at risk of harm we would usually discuss this with parents. We then have a duty of care to report our concerns. If you have any questions or concerns about safeguarding please speak to one of the designated senior leads above.

Parental Warning

Nationally, many internet safety agencies are warning parents to be extra vigilant over seemingly fun videos widely circulating on YouTube and TikTok that feature a menacing character with razor-sharp teeth with the seemingly friendly name of ‘Huggy Wuggy’.


The character is from a survival horror game called ‘Poppy Playtime’ which has the effect of leading parents and children to believe the videos are aimed at youngsters and contain no inappropriate material. It even gets to slip by many device parental controls.


The reality is that ‘Huggy Wuggy’ a blue bear-like creature chases and threatens other characters in nightmarish scenarios, leaving many children upset and frightened.


The Poppy Playtime game is perfectly legal and widely available on the App stores for Apple and Android mobile devices with a PEGI rating of age 12+


Please be vigilant in respect of the content your children are accessing and take appropriate steps to remove or block any harmful content they may be exposed to.