Our school is part of the North Halifax Cluster, which follow the teaching strategies outlined in this document. To find out more please download the document below. 


Meet Our Pastoral Team

Mrs Walton - Inclusion Manager

Much of the work linked to the community is coordinated by our Inclusion Manager, Mrs Walton and the pastoral team. She is the first point of contact for children and parents relating to issues around attendance, transition (eg moving on to high school) or child protection. Mrs Walton is always available in school to offer help and advice.

We need our children ready and able to learn in school. So if there is a problem, something that is impacting upon your child’s learning in school, talk to us. If we can help, we will. If we can’t, we’ll try to find someone who can.

Mrs Sheddon-Walsh - Pastoral DDSL

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Hi, I’m Miss Walsh your Pastoral and SEND Support worker. I work alongside Mrs Walton as part of the Pastoral Team.

My role is to support children and their families both in and out of school and I will always give you 100% in order that your children have the necessary tools to achieve their potential.

My role is diverse and I can help you by being a friendly ear, a support, guidance around other services or just some help if your children, or you, are struggling.

I also work very closely with the class teachers so that we ensure clear and consistent messages are being shared and delivered both at home and in school.

I am dedicated to the children and families at Lee Mount and together we can work together to find solutions to anything that may come your way. So please if you have any questions come speak with me or give me a call.