Lee Mount Primary School

early years


Teachers: Ms Hume & Ms Lang & Ms Clift

Support Staff: Ms Miles, Ms Howarth & Ms Noel

Welcome to early years

Welcome to the Summer term! What a busy year we have had so far!
This term will be kick started with a lovely trip to Skipton Castle where the children will get to explore and experience a traditional castle and its features. This will nicely lead us into our traditional tales topic. The children will be looking at classic tales and given the opportunity to innovate them and invent their very own!


 In Maths we will be practically using and exploring concepts of money and the values of different coins. The children will be consolidating their use and application of numbers up to 20.  We will also look at time and how to measure different elements of this. 


During the summer term we will be having lots of exciting visitors into our Foundation unit; including chicks (ready to hatch!) and Zoo lab!


In Early Years we have an open door policy so feel free to come and speak to us if you have any queries or concerns.

For more information please see our newsletter on the left-hand side.


Spring Term

This half term we will be looking at various books to spark the children's imaginations. The first book we will be looking at is 'T-Rex on Tour'.  In response to the book the children will be encouraged to write for different purposes. We will then be looking at the story 'Bog Baby' and creating lots of exciting learning opportunities for the children around this book such as making their own Bog baby, writing Wanted posters and making homes for the Bog baby. We will be encouraging the children to use their phonic skills to aid their reading and writing. 

In Maths we will be looking at more and less with amounts of objects and then weight. We will continue to work with numbers to 20 - encouraging children to count to 20 and beyond, recognise the numbers and use them when adding and subtracting.

We are looking forward to welcoming parents, carers and family members to our Chinese New Year Stay and Play session on Monday 4th February.


Autumn Term

We would like to welcome all the children and parents to join us in an exciting year in Early Years.

All the children are settling into full time school and beginning to follow our familiar routines.

This half term we will be looking at focusing on our new topic ‘Magical Me!'
We will be looking at what makes your child unique and special. A main focus this half term will be to encourage the children to form new friendships.

We will be updating you every term on our topics and we hope you will join us for our parent stay and play sessions.

We are enthusiastic about working with you and your children this academic year.