Lee Mount Primary School


Interventions to Raise Standards

We recognise that personalised learning is the key to success in education. Children (and indeed adults!) all learn at different rates, in different ways and from different starting points. It is an expectation here that our teaching staff ‘differentiate’ work so that it is both appropriate and challenging for all.

From a very early age classroom work is planned to ensure that all individual children can achieve their personal best, and teacher’s planning and children’s work is scrutinised by senior staff to ensure that this is effective. There will always be those children who are a little behind and so need a ‘boost’ to close the gap, as there will be those children that are perhaps more gifted and who will need challenging and extending in their learning.  To facilitate this the school has a senior member of staff designated as the ‘Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator’ and 'Intervention Co-ordinator'. It is the responsibility of these staff, working with all the teaching team, to ensure that all individual and groups of children make good progress. The school’s Assessment Co-ordinator is also involved – tracking children’s progress to ensure that no-one is falling behind and that where necessary, gaps are closing. The aim here is to ensure that both attainment and achievement for all children is at least good. There are a wide range of  interventions to raise standards in which the school invests, including:

-       Fresh Start – a ‘catch up’ Literacy scheme for KS2 children

-       Max’s Marvellous Maths – a catch up maths scheme for KS1

-       A targeted programme of 1:1 tuition in both Maths & English

To support the above, the governors allocate a sum of money into an ‘Enrichment Fund’ each year to support the raising of standards. The effectiveness / impact of this is closely monitored by the school’s Senior Management Team and reported back to governors.