Lee Mount Primary School


Pictures Above:  Mask Making Activities on the Transition Days

Our Year 6 children leave us to go to a number of different high schools in North Halifax and beyond.  Last year the majority of our children went to their nearest high school, Trinity Academy.

Smaller numbers went to other schools across the region, including the local selective grammar school.

We try very hard to make sure that our children are ready for the step up to Key Stage 3 and beyond.  Our pastoral team organise a series of transition events for children moving on, in conjunction with other primary schools in the North Halifax Federation.  This gives our youngsters the chance to get to know their new classmates coming from other feeder schools on neutral territory and forge early good relationships.  In addition each high school organises its own transition day where children visit the school, familiarise themselves with their new school environment and get a feel for what high school will be like.To help the process further, we do pass on any useful information to the receiving high school that may make the move easier, such as details of any special educational needs or any particular relents your child may have.  In some cases this could involve staff from Lee Mount and the receiving high school meeting up to plan for a smooth transition - something we would always involve parents in.  It could be that your child will be joining a school some distance away from home, in which case we offer guidance on safe travel arrangements.

Most children move with little difficulty on to the new challenges offered by a new school.  Many of the children who leave us come back to visit time after time and it’s a genuine pleasure to watch them go from strength to strength.  Some even ask to return for work experience in later years—now that’s keen!