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A visitor to Chestnut Owl and Otter Park(a few years ago)

When visiting 'Chestnut Wildlife Park' yesterday, we came across a group from 'Lee Mount'. We were impressed by the good manners and high standard of behaviour of the students. What a good reflection on your school! We hope you all had a lovely day!

Amanda Ellis(a few years ago)

Hi guys just a quick message to say I still miss u all lots! I'm still managing the nursery I left u all for, and 3 years on I am so proud to say all is going really well. I joined when the setting had hit under average ratings with only 6 children registered, we are now booming with nearly 50! It's been a hard slog but I'm so glad I futhered my career and personal achievements. I'm at the moment working with my pre school team and am arranging for my senior to to come work in your Foundation unit as I know she will benifit from your professionalism and organisation skills. Of all the schools in Calderdale I have chosen Lee Mount because I want the best of the best for my girls, and I know from experience that you lot are the best! ;-) Mand xxx

JOHN TAYLOR SLADDIN(a few years ago)

Was being curious to check out the junior school i once attended many years ago and im impressed how much it has changed. having left school at 16 i went to collage and then on to pursue a career in the army for over ten years im now a care assistant living and working in manchester so please keep up the good work on teaching .

Mr D Cameron(a few years ago)

Hi Lee Mount,I have looked at your website it is great and it looks like you've got new staff. Keep up and do your best, remember be `outstanding`

Phoebe Hanson(a few years ago)

This school meant loads to me, especially all the teachers, bet they all remember me as the mouthy one in school, haha! Bet you all miss me, DOUBT THAT! Anyway this school is lovely you can near enough get anything you want out of it, you can do anything, your free. More free than you are in high school, I will have to come down one day and see you all, will be amazing. Cannot wait.

Fabian(a few years ago)

I hawe injoid world wor 2 and pleing with my frends .

georgie-maiwilson(a few years ago)

sadley i have no favroite teacher because i like them all mr whitton really make me and my freinds.

luke lockley(a few years ago)

my favourite teacher is Mrs Robinson and Mrs Turner. Also my favourite vidoe game is Minecraft.

Kayreeves(a few years ago)

I am looking foward to going to my new class.Mr Whitton is realy funny.

amy(a few years ago)

Mrs Robinson is the best teacher .She has learnt me some good stuff.My favorite topic was ww2.

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