Year 6


Teachers: Miss Robinson & Mrs Webb

Support Staff: Miss Lord, Miss Watts, Mrs Marshall & Miss Sunderland

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Welcome to Year 6

In Year 6 our main topic will be based on a visit to Manchester Museum where we will learn about Ancient Egypt through genuine artifacts. This trip supports our English topic in which we read the wonderful story of Isis and Osiris. In science we will be keeping healthy and paying attention to our heart. In this half term’s citizenship topic we will be looking at the world of councilors and Members of Parliament in our ‘Who Governs Britain?’ topic. In geography and PSE we will be visiting the climate, culture, people and food of Russia and Jamaica. 


Y6 Challenge

Can you find out the names of your local councilors and MP?


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Open letter to London Zoo

Dear London Zoo

By O.B. -class 6W

Dear London Zoo,

I escaped from your enclosure because...

The enclosure was very small,

I wanted something very tall,

I didn't get the correct food,

Bananas are much better.

The temperature was too cold,

I would prefer something warmer.

I couldn't stand this state much more,

And most of all...

I miss home;

Home had all the qualities you didn't have,

So I tried to go there.

I meant no harm to the public.

Yours sincerely,